False Ministries (Part I)

Posted on 6/27/2012

van HelsingOne of the most common comments we have gotten in response to these blogs has been this: "you mention false ministries in passing... why don't you do a blog to describe them?" This is a fair enough question and one that should have been asked long ago. When my associates, Tom Mack and the late Mary Jo Reaves published The Midnight Herald many years ago, they spent a lot of column space exposing false ministries. Tom even "crashed" one of their big meetings at the American Airlines Center in Dallas (where the Dallas Mavericks of the National Basketball Association (NBA) play their home games) and their "security force" wanted him arrested. Instead, the local police, who helped serve as security for the event, gave him all the inside information about this preacher and answered all his questions. It turned out that the off-duty Dallas policemen were not impressed with this preacher either.

This is not a new situation. The Apostle Peter writes the following:

And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of. (II Peter 2:2)

Their often untoward behavior of those who claim to be Christian leaders has indeed caused people to speak evil concerning the way of truth. The police at the event I described in the previous paragraph considered this preacher to be a con-artist. The only reason they stood security for the event is because they needed the money.

When you read the second chapter of II Peter. you begin to see that he really hates what these people are doing. He compares them to the angels that sinned and were cast into hell (Greek: ταρταρόω or tartaroo, II Peter 2:4). He further compares them to the sodomites of Sodom and Gomorrah, which if you compare it with what Paul said in Romans 1:26-32, shows that they have fallen into what we call a "reprobate status." When anyone reaches that level, they are the most dangerous of all! They can sound Christian, look Christian, and even exhibit the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We saw that with Balaam and we also saw it with King Saul. (See I Samuel 19:24) Yet, when people go to the meetings of these people, they are convinced when they see the person prophesying and speaking in tongues! We have to be more discerning.

The even sadder reality is when these preachers begin using their alleged "Spiritual Gifts of the Holy Spirit" to effectively practice witchcraft. When they do that, they have blasphemed the Holy Spirit and effectively committed the unpardonable sin. At that point, they are reprobate and should be disdained at all cost. Don't give them your money and don't go to their meetings! If you do give them money, your finances will be cursed. (Malachi 2:2) Even if you attend their meetings, you are suggesting agreement with them. When my friend went to that meeting, it was because his editor assigned him the task. His goal was to expose the truth. He and his editor knew the risks and further, they knew what could happen to him if he was caught...

When I have discussed this with people in the past, they will protest that this preacher cannot be false, because they do not deny Yahushua (Jesus) Christ with their words. What these people forget is is what Yahushua (Jesus) said about His followers: "Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them." (Matthew 7:20) You do not evaluate a so-called Christian leader by what he says in the pulpit, you evaluate them by what they do. For example, I am coming across literally hundreds of reports from all Christian denominations of leaders abusing young people sexually. Equally common is people who have "come out of the closet" and claimed they can be "Homosexual Christians." When these leaders do these things, they are corrupted and have departed from the faith. I am sorry, but this is not my words, but the teachings of the Holy Scriptures. It grieves me to see this, but it grieves me more to see people still follow these so-called Christian leaders, and give them their money.

I am not done with this subject. There is much more to say and in the coming weeks, I will write more "blogs" to say them. Discernment is not always a mystical thing, sometimes, it is nothing more than the LORD putting things together for you so that you will know that something is wrong with what you are seeing.

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