The Human Soul - Part II

Posted on 11/10/2021 at 20:25:30 MST

One of the larger subjects we have studied on this website without really saying so has been the soul. We discussed how church organizations collect human souls and literally barter them as commodities. (cf. Ezekiel 27:13, Revelation 18:13) The prophet Exekiel, in his grand exposure of the fake religious system of his time and ours also tells of how they steal souls and sell them off. (cf. Ezekiel 13:17-20) However, most people cannot fathom how these large religious organization can literally steal souls and sell them off? Until now that is...

In our Why Does Satan Want You "Saved" Series, we exposed the true motives of the massive evangelism campaigns of the 20th century and how they fed their related dead "churches" to keep them alive and flourishing. Now, the world is littered with massive "mega-churches" with thousands of members and pastors living off them. Many of them are now pulling in six-figure salaries and some pull in more through book deals and other media contracts. Others have YouTube Channels where they post video of their services and other events. Every time someone watches their videos: Alphabet, Inc. (AKA Google, Inc. [NYSE: GOOG]) adds funds to their bank accounts. They have elaborate websites created by large website design companies at a cost of thousands of dollars which draw in thousands of people with even more money to tithe to their ministries. It won't be long before these organizations start accepting cryptocurrencies for donations.

When you study the history of many of these "church" organizations, you find that most are either an offshoot of another church organization, a group started by an ambitious pastor, or a group of people who were like-minded and frustrated with the other "church" organizations in their region. In every case, I found the "church" had come to a "point of decision." At this point of decision, the "church" had to make a choice. We see that in five of the seven churches in Revelation 2-3. Make the right decision and they continue to be a viable Christian assembly. Make the wrong decision and the assembly becomes a dead, formal institution, like the mainline denominations of our day. William Branham pointed out many times in his sermons that when an assembly of believers form up into a legal organization, they stagnate and cease to be a viable assembly of believers. He cited as examples, the Catholic Church, the Lutheran Churches, the Baptist Churches, the Presbyterian Churches, the Assemblies of God, the United Pentacostal Church, etc. When they legally formed into church organizations, men took over the leadership and the Holy Spirit was brushed aside. When the Holy Spirit is brushed aside, Ancient (Summary) Evil can move in and take over the management. Once it takes over the management, they turn the organization into a soul collecting and trading organization.

In Ezekiel 27:13, we see three distinct countries trading in "the persons (souls) of men." Javan is clearly Greece, while Tubal and Meshech refer to Central Europe. This part of Europe is where the "higher critical" movement started, which attempted to "demythologize the Bible." Take away people's faith and they become "easy pickings" for every pagan god looking for souls to obtain and sell. Revelation 18:13 lets us see the same scenario, However, we see that two of the spiritual commodities traded in the end-times are "slaves" (more correctly translated "bodies") and the souls of men. Fallen Religious Organizations (improperly called "churches"), with agents (either wittingly or unwittingly) of Ancient "Summary" Evil in charge, become collection points for human bodies and souls. Both are commodities that can be bought and sold as the spiritual entities wish. Remember, corporations are defined in the law is "to bestow the character and properties of individuality on a collective and changing body of men." (Providence Bank v. Billings, 29 U.S. 514, decided January 1, 1830) Courts have consisently ruled that corporation have the same rights as indivuals to transact business and make contracts to buy or sell. However, unlike human beings, a corporation, whether profit or not for profit (non-profit), does NOT have a soul that can potentially communicate with our Creator, YHWH, the Elohim of Heaven, the Universe, and the Earth. A Corporation does not have that capability. When an assembly becomes a Not for Profit (or Non-Profit, depending upon the terminology of the laws of the state or commonwealth) Organization, they create a souless entity that cannot in of itself communicate with YHWH. Each member of the Board of Directors (Elders) has the potential to communicating with YHWH via the Holy Spirit, but the collective body does not, despite all their pious claims to the contrary.

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