Romance Scamming Continues

Posted on 4/27/2012

Recently, my associate, Tom Mack was a guest on The Barry Chamish Show. During his two hour interview with Barry, he again talked about something we began dealing with six years ago when Barb Sluppick and others made us aware of the issue. Romance Scam activities continue to take billions out of the economies of the West and convert much of it for use by the terror-machines of the Middle East. Barry had trouble believing that people in the West could fall for such scams. The reality he could not see is that not all people are smart world-class investigative journalists like he is. The sad reality is that people do and like a lot of things related to love, that really do not make sense. Sometimes, we feel like our three-year effort was in vain, but we felt we have to keep trying.

When you fight evil, much of the time, people do not appreciate your work. They think you are exaggerating a situation and think they are doing God a favor by "setting the record straight." How can anyone say you are exaggerating a situation when the losses have been in the billions for years? Even worse, what do you do when our own government websites, which were originally designed to combat this problem, have now opted to make it a sin that only white people commit, when they know better! We don't fight evil by obscuring the truth, you fight evil by exposing it to the light of truth. That is what Cyber Love's Illusions: Romance Scams... a Virtual Pandemic was designed to do.

Anna Alden-Tirrill and I spent hours researching and building this book along with our editor, the late Mary Jo Reaves, who did the hardest work, making our words make sense. Mary Jo and her company, White Cottage Publishing Company, spent hours on their own doing research on the Internet to find information on Romance Scam Artists that Anna and I would have likely never found on our own. She took a major interest in our project and spent hours of her own time searching websites to find news and information about Romance Scamming. If you need a book published, White Cottage Publishing Company is the way to do it. They use the best printers in the business, they take an interest in your project, and get you into the major book-selling databases so you have a chance of selling a few books. That opens doors that get you interviews on major networks and gets you on the major expert databases, which gives you even more interviews.

The fourth person on our team was Information Technology specialist, Tom Mack, whom I mentioned above. He spent hours keeping our computers running and built a security system that successfully battled against the forces of evil, which threatened to stop the project. Unlike many IT people, he, like Mary Jo, took a genuine interest in the project and did much of the hard-core research. He traveled around the country getting information for us and tracked down a lot of information most people would never find.

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