A Deliverance Prayer for Those Who
Have Taken the COVID-19 Vaccine

Posted on 11/04/2021 at 16:30:08 MDT

Here is the prayer that we received from YHWH to help people who have taken the COVID-19 Vaccine without realizing the implications for their body and soul. Pray this pray in all honesty and sincerity. Your Heavenly Father answers those kind of prayers. Sometimes, when you pray this prayer, you may get demonic reactions. If you do, find a competent deliverance worker and ask them to help you.

Heavenly Father, I come to you having taken the COVID-19 vaccine, but knowing in my heart that this "vaccine" is NOT of You, but was ordained by Ancient Evil though Satan, decreed by the wicked leaders of the Earth, and concocted by sorcerers within the major international Pharmaceutical Companies, who were following the orders of Ancient Evil, Satan, and the wicked leaders of the earth to modify the human genome into a Nephilim state, subject, and bring under their control, all of Your Created Human Beings on the face of the Earth. I now repent of being part of their wicked schemes and endeavors by submitting to their will and opening myself to gross demonic activity by permitting their agents to administer the COVID-19 Vaccine within me.

I now repent before You of the wickedness I have committed in your sight by permitting the administration of the vaccine within me and believing Ancient Evil's lie that You did not create us perfectly by Your Design. I now ask for your forgiveness and promise that I will not allow any more vaccines to be administered in my body.

I now hereby serve notice that I reject this evil vaccine and desire that the deadly elements that have been placed within me will not have any effect against me, either in my body or in my soul. I further reject, renounce, and loose myself from all the curses, hexes, vexes, and incantations that have been placed upon my body and my soul as the result of my willfully permitting the administration of this evil vaccine. I hereby break and loose myself from all the witchcrafts and whoredoms that have been placed on my body and soul because of this evil vaccine and render them null and void.

I further command all evil spirits that have come into me through the administration of this vaccine to enforce the will of Ancient Evil, Satan, and the evil men of the earth within me to immediately leave me, to go to the Dry Places, and stay there until the Day of Judgment! You no longer have any authority within my body and my soul!

I hereby renounce and reject the COVID Vaccines and all the poisons, pestilences, plagues, parasites, cancers, and other evil elements that have been released within me and command them to be bound and rendered null and void in Jesus' Name by His Authority coming from the Highest Heavens. I hereby claim the promises of Isaiah 43:2, and Mark 16:18 which protect me if I receive any deadly thing. Once these elements have been found, I pray Heavenly Father, that You will cause them to be converted into a .03 saline solution in my body, and hence be placed into my bowels and summarily cast out of my body.

I further loose the Spirits of YHWH, especially the Spirits of Knowledge, Healing, and Restoration to come and restore me back to the way I was originally and uniquely made, using as a model, Your Creation in the Garden of Eden. Thank You Heavenly Father for redeeming, healing, and restoring me. Amen.

*Portions of this prayer are courtesy of the researches of Major Tom Baird, MBA, Prof. Tom Mack, MBA, Radio Host Shannon Davis and are used with their permission. Additional research used in these prayers come from Pastor Win Worley, M.S., the late pastor of Hegewisch Baptist Church in Highland Park, Indiana and the late Dr. J. Marcus Haggard, DVM who practiced Veterinary Medicine in Yorktown, Indiana for many years.

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