Spiritual Warfare in the 21st Century

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The battle against evil and wickedness has increased considerably in the past few decades. Because of this problem, people have frequently asked me what they can do to fight the evil in our midst. In my experience over the years, I and many other pastors who understand spiritual warfare have discovered that fighting this evil is best done on the spiritual level via prayer and that fighting this war on the physical level if futile. In this pages, I have posted a number of articles to help Christians understand the spiritual environment they are living in and learn how to deal with many of the spiritual problems they are facing.

One of the most frequent questions I get is how to effectively pray against the evil spirits that are attacking them and making their lives difficult. To help answer their questions, I have written a short book titled 21st Century Warfare Prayers to give people assistance in battling with the evil forces working in our world. To learn more about the book, just go to the book's special web-page. If you just want to order the book, just click on the book cover above.

I have also released a section of the book on this website to help Christians to deal with an elite group of evil spirits and wealthy lackeys that control and manage the Illuminati, which is attempting to bring the world under the control of the Devil and his Antichrist "Beast" world government system. This page contains a prayer from the book designed to attack and dismantle the operations of the Illuminati evil ones. When you pray this prayer on a consistent basis, you will help undermine the demonic powers supporting the Illuminati. Feel free to print this page off and pray the prayers every night before you go to bed and at other times.

One of the reasons I wrote this book is because I have found that many of our Christian leaders openly refuse to engage in the spiritual battle that their people face every day. Even worse, their teaching and preaching effectively denies that this spiritual war exists. My experience has been that most of these church leaders do not want to see this, they have been somehow manipulated and controlled into not seeing this, or they have sold their souls to Satan in exchange for wealth and success that comes with being the leader of a large church organization. They instead, create "lovely church services" designed to tickle their parishioners' ears. These "lovely church services," when carefully analyzed, offer little, if any, real substance or value to their members on a spiritual level. Their parishioners' flesh may be gratified, but their souls and their spirits receive little or no help in dealing with the attacks they face on a daily basis by evil forces.

When I made a closer evaluation of the situation, I found that most church organizations lost their spiritual effectiveness decades and even centuries ago. When the Holy Spirit would not minister according to the whims of the church leaders, they had really two choices:

  1. They could admit that the Holy Spirit is no longer operating in their church and choose to either:
    1. Shut down their church operation or,
    2. Fast and pray to find out what went wrong. Then be willing to do whatever the Lord says, even if it means shutting down or operating the church in a manner not financially beneficial to the leadership.
  2. The church leaders can continue operating church services, but turn to the devil and his angels for assistance in maintaining the spiritual manifestations. These church leaders know that most of their members will not know the difference between the manifestations of the Holy Spirit and the manifestations of religious evil spirits mimicking the Holy Spirit. They just know that they can keep their game going. They also know that part of their "deal with the devil" will be a constant flow of people attending their churches and filling their offering plates.

The harsh reality is that most church leaders have taken option two. They willingly cross the line into error and falsehood, becoming demoniacally-managed false Christian leaders. These false prophet pastor-prophet-teacher-bishop-etc. effectively uses their state-incorporated churches (declared tax-exempt by the Internal Revenue Service under Internal Revenue Code §501 (c)(3) and multiple state tax statutes) and their media ministries to devour souls for their demonic masters. They turn their people into scam victims who will willingly open their wallets to make these false Christian leaders rich. It is not a new scenario. Read this verse in Ezekiel 22:25:

There is a conspiracy of her prophets in the midst thereof, like a roaring lion ravening the prey; they have devoured souls; they have taken the treasure and precious things; they have made her many widows in the midst thereof.

It would not be surprising to me if these so-called ministries haven't effectively killed a number of people, just to keep their scam game going. I rather doubt that Ezekiel was making false charges, especially if YHWH saw fit to include his prophecies in the Holy Scriptures.

It seems that we have literally discovered who many of the 21st century vampires really are. They inhabit and lead churches all over the world. Even worse, some of the people they consume, they turn into vampires like themselves. It is a situation that does not differ much from the vampire scenarios my ancestors allegedly fought and Bram Stroker and other writers wrote about. These false Christian leaders are, in my opinion, no different than the West African Romance Scam (cat-fishing) Artists I helped write about in the Cyber Loves' Illusions series. In many ways, they practice similar types of witchcraft for the same goals: wealth and influence. These "cat fishing" artists subvert the souls of their victims, drain them of their emotional and financial resources, and then move onto the next victim.

The "COVID-19 Pandemic" has come onto the world with a fervor not seen since the time when Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party took over Germany. They corrupted and destroyed their country using a wide variety of occult technologies. Thankfully, they went too far and the Elohim of Heaven and Earth stepped in that put an end to Nazi rule in Germany. However, the Nazi Party did not go away. They planned to bring their goal of world domination to fruition by working within the governments of the world, inserting their people inside the offices of the world's leaders. They also continued their untoward medical and psychological research to advance their cause. Their latest effort is the COVID-19 Virus, which they created years ago and placed in Wuhan, China near a biotech lab so the world would believe China created the virus to infect the world.

Their second invention was the COVID-19 Vaccine designed to alter the human genome to create a modified human being. I go over this entire scenario in a group of articles titled: The COVID-19 Scare. We also, with a lot of prayer, developed a prayer to overcome the effect of the COVID-19 Vaccine if you have already taken it. Like anything else, Ancient "Summary" Evil can and will be defeated!

My hope is that when you read these pages, you will find real truth that will help you grow and that you will learn how to fight the evil that is immersing this world.

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