The Art of Zombification - Part II

Posted on 6/17/2012

Cyber Loves' Illusions

When I wrote my last blog on this subject, I had this hope I could be done with the subject and move on to other things. Sadly, when I continue to study this subject, I realize that there is much more to the subject than anyone wants to admit. When we wrote Cyber Love's Illusions about the West African Romance Scam Artists, we watched, sometimes in horror as men and woman would descend into this spiritual abyss as they fell in love with what would later turn out to be their scam artist. Once they fell in love with their scam artist, things began to change for these people. Suddenly, they were willing to send them often thousands of dollars to cement that relationship. The scam artist would promise them that they would come to America to marry them and they would happily ever after, just like Grimm's Fairy Tales. It is interesting that NBC would create a TV show titled Grimm that would tell us that "this is no fairy tale, the stories are real, what they wrote about really happened..."

This is a warning that most romance scam victims wish they would have taken. The victims did not have that opportunity and many times, they got themselves intertwined with their scam artist and they lost the ability to say "no" to them. Barb Sluppick and her group also report that many of these victims, even when they find out they are dealing with a romance scam artist, they still want to maintain the relationship. When we see that situation, one could make a case for what we mentioned in our last article: Zombification. The situation is very similar to what others see in hypnosis and even in witchcraft. In all three cases, a controller has found a way to gain control of another person and cause them to do what the controller asks.

When we researched Cyber Love's Illusions we would often run into stories of how scam artists would call upon their shamans and other practitioners to help them succeed in their scam artist activities. There are even "Word of Faith" churches who subtily encourage their Romance Scam Artist members. Even if they called themselves Christian or Islamic, when they needed success in their scams, they would turn to the shamans or preachers for good luck. From what we have seen, the shamans' spells do seem to work. When you study the history of West Africa, you discover that it is the true home of the Voudun (Voodoo) religion. We also find that West Africa was the home of the slave trade in the 17th through the 19th centuries. It is not absurd to think that when the slaves came to America that they brought their religion with them. Study the national history of Haiti and READ books like Dr. Wade Davis' The Serpent and the Rainbow and it becomes clear that the true national religion of Haiti is Voudon and not Roman Catholicism. The Haitian version of Voudon though, is unique because of how it incorporated Roman Catholicism into its natural religion.

When Dr. Davis journeyed to Haiti at the behest of the drug companies, he was searching for the potion that would make people into zombis. His hope and the hope of the drug companies was to find an anesthesia that would allow people to sleep for long operations. What he found was a substance the medical field calls tetrodotoxin which is found in Caribbean puffer fish. While the medical field continues to study this substance, they have still not found a way around the many side-effects. What Dr. Davis would find out in subsequent visits (these times, not at the behest of the drug companies) is how the shamans and bokors could turn people into zombis and effectively turn them into slaves. In fairness to the Haitian people though, they only do this when people behave in a untoward manner.

Norman Parish
Norman Parish

This has not stopped people from using these substances in selfish and ambitious manners. Every time money and power become an element in a transaction, many people will give in and sell their ideas to the highest bidder. When researchers have honest conversations with these practitioners, they freely admit that they can extract souls from people. This fact has been verified by the late Norman Parish, a missionary to Guatemala for over 40 years. As an exorcist, he has dealt with many people who have had curses placed on them by "witch doctors." Other missionaries to Latin America and the Caribbean have also verified his claims.

Norman Parish would also be the first one to tell you that even though the witch doctors can bind up people and effectively zombify them, that deliverance is possible. I posted a link to some of his talks where he explains about how deliverance is accomplished. Since he was working at this for a long time (over 40 years), his experience is invaluable to those suffering from this problem.

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