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The picture above is of Peter Cushing, the man who played my grandfather, Lorrimer van Helsing and my great-great grandfather, Lawrence van Helsing. Our family has relied upon actors to show the world some of what we have done. We owe a debt of gratitude to these men for bringing the battle against evil to the public. The real van Helsings stay out of the limelight and rarely have their pictures taken.

The true battle against evil is not something to be done by ignorant and flamboyant preachers trying to make a buck. We do it because it is honest, good, and right. We work anonymously, behind the scenes, and appear when people need us. We do our work and then move on to the next task. We serve our Heavenly Father, our Creator, and His Son, Yeshua the Messiah (Yahushua (Jesus) Christ). We are guided by the Holy Spirit, who was given to us when we received the Messiah as our Lord and Savior.

To the world, we look like normal people you would pass on the street every day. We don't bring attention to ourselves. If we did, that would make us a target for the very evil beings we fight. We just identify evil, deal with it, and then travel to the next place. There is no glamor, no accolades, no honor, and no glory, we just do what we can, and if it works out all right, we are happy, but when things do not work out, a lot of "soul searching" takes place.

Long ago, we realized that the LORD and his son, Yahushua (Jesus) Christ are the ones who get the glory and honor. It is only through them that we can get any kind of victory at all. We have to realize that there are evil things in this world, terrible, awful things, that defy humanity's ability to comprehend them. They have been in the universe since the beginning of time and will remain until the time of the end arrives. The final battles are approaching and Jon van Helsing feels it is time for him to write books to tell people what he knows of these things.


Cyber Loves' Illusions Series

Cyber Loves' Illusions: A Virtual Pandemic

The breakout book by Jon van Helsing and Anna Alden-Tirrill about the scourge of West African Romance Scams that has destroyed the lives of countless numbers of people. This book tells how they do it and what happens to the money after they steal it from their victims. This is the book that Islamic terrorists do not want you to read! Click on the books to visit the book website.

Cyber Loves' Illusions: The Healing Journey

The second book in the Cyber Loves' Illusions series, Jon and Anna have moved their focus from the the general public to the Romance Scam victims, and their family and friends. They give practical tips on how victims can recover from their scam and start their life anew and free.


The Trapped Soul

The biggest mystery of humanity is the soul. Does it exist? If it exists, will it live forever or will it die? The bigger question: what is the value of a soul? Do people really sell their souls for money and benefits? Can crafty people trap and steal people's souls, using them for their personal benefit. Can the soul be fragmented and parts be sold off to interested parties?

These and many similar questions will be answered in Jon van Helsing's upcoming book, The Trapped Soul. Jon answers these questions using biblical and empirical evidence. The results of his studies will shock and surprise most.

The Heavener Mysteries

On a mountain just east of Heavener, Oklahoma stands a very curious object. Called a runtestone by many, it points back to a time before "the white man" and even the Native Americans came to Southeastern Oklahoma.

When the relocating Choctaw hunting party first saw the runestone, they marked the area and would not settle there. Some call the land cursed, while others think the land is blessed. Wal-Mart, Tyson Chicken, and other large companies are headquartered in the area and have done well. Read as Jon van Helsing searches for the truth.

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