Doubts Concerning
the COVID-19 Vaccine

Posted on 11/04/2021 at 16:30:08 MDT

Since Operation Warp Speed went into effect with the signing of former President Trump's Executive Order, several companies have taken U.S. Government money to create a COVID-19 Vaccine. But while the efforts of the Sanofi-Glaxo Holdings partnership have apparently failed to produce a vaccine in a timely manner, three companies have passed the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) abbreviated testing and are distributing their vaccines in the United States.

They are Pfizer [NYSE: PFE], Johnson and Johnson/Janssen [NYSE: JNJ], and Moderna [NASDAQ: MRNA]. All three are members of the Standard and Poors 500 and two of them are members of the Dow Jones Industrial 30 Average. Pfizer's stock has risen about 20% since the pandemic hit while Johnson and Johnson has remained steady, not having gained or lost anything by the pandemic (not surprising since they pay a pretty good dividend at a 2.57% interest rate, four times a year, Pfizer's dividend rate is 3.56%, but it is considered a "riskier" company).

Moderna, Inc. is quite another story. In December of 2018, Moderna offered its stock to the public for $23.00 a share in an Initial Public Offering (IPO). As of November 5, 2021, the stock sells for $236.99 a share. Quite a jump from its original price (10X), but it is down from the $497.49 high on August 10 of this year. The drops come because people are not taking the COVID-19 Vaccine at levels predicted by the company. Because of this failure in sales, the company's projected earnings have dropped and so has its stock price. As a note, the company has never paid a dividend and has no plans to.

Analysts have come up with a number of reasons why people are not taking the COVID-19 Vaccine in the numbers predicted by the pharmaceutical companies. The biggest reason seems to be the number of people who have been killed by the vaccine. When former boxer Marvin Hagler and home run champ Hank Aaron both died within days of taking the vaccine, many people took notice. When General Colin Powell died shortly after taking the vaccine, even more people took notice. It is interesting that a surprising number of celebrities have died after taking the vaccine. However, the media is quick to point out that all of the people mentioned here had other significant health problems that contributed to their deaths. Still, it is hard for people to overlook the facts, no matter how many times the media tries to confuse the matter.

When it comes to Christians, many of the same issues surface. Many famous ministers Gordon Robertson, Franklin Graham, and others have gone on record having both taken the vaccine and supporting the idea that Christians should not fear taking the vaccine. However, our friend Alex Cuppett warned in countless letters and radio programs before his death not to take the vaccine. Radio show host Shannon Davis and many of his broadcasters have also denounced the vaccine, some claiming it is the "mark of the beast." My editor, Professor Tom Mack and his radio partner: Major Tom Baird have gone on record telling people not to take the vaccine. Major Baird, having studied biology, agriculture, and the sciences in general at Michigan State University has gone over in detail, the various questionable aspects of the vaccine. But last week, Professor Mack began to talk of a spiritual element behind the vaccine. To that end, they posted on Major Baird's website, a deliverance prayer for people who were forced to take the vaccine or suffer financial consequences, or other people who have just taken the vaccine, but now have regretted doing so. I have reprinted this prayer on this website. 

In our next article, I will go over Professor Mack's statements and expand upon them. Then, I will discuss the element of deliverance from the COVID-19 Vaccine. We are at a critical time in history and the decisions we make at this point in time will determine our destiny.

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