Globalist Plans for
the COVID-19 Vaccine

Part II

Posted on 11/04/2021 at 16:30:08 MDT

The 1960s saw the vaccination of millions of children around the world and suddenly, we have taller basketball players, stronger football players, faster soccer players, and dozens of baseball pitchers who can throw baseballs 100 miles per hour. We also saw declining standardized test scores on college-entrance examinations like the SAT and ACT. Even though grade-point averages inflated, student compentency has dropped considerably. High school graduates now cannot pass an eighth-grade examinaton from 1920. One has to wonder why matters have come to this pass. One has to wonder if these vaccinations and the growing number that have been added since the 1960s have contributed to these events. Sadly, there is no way for science to find out the answer and if some scientist could find these answers, the globalists controlling the media would make sure the information never sees the light of day, at least on their media outlets.

Speaking of globalists, their apparent one last chance for world domination is the COVID-19 Vaccine and its compliment of "boosters." Apparently, they cannot change the human genome in "one fell swoop." The number of deaths from the first round of vaccinations was more than their scientists anticipated, but for their globalist leaders, this is nothing more than "collateral damage." Consider what Prof. Horatio Smith said in this soliloquy from the movie Pimpernel Smith. They have started down this road and they cannot turn back. They cannot stop until every human being has either been turned into a Nephilim or killed. Since their plan is for an earth inhabited by 500 million people, they do not care if over 93.75% of the world's population is destroyed.

They further want the remaining population including themselves to be something other than YHWH's creation. In Genesis 6:2, the sons of the gods saw that human women were fair, so they took them for wives. The resulting children were Nephilim and as such, were contaminated genetically. It was this state of affairs on the earth which caused YHWH to gather up Noah and his family into an ark, while the earth was flooded. However, the globalists know that YHWH made a covenant with Noah in Genesis 9:11-15 not to destroy the inhabitants of the earth by a flood. What they do not seem to understand is that YHWH can destroy this earth and give us a new heaven and a new earth. (Revelation 21:1)

The globalists of the earth seem to think they can do what they will and YHWH will do nothing to stop them. Since they are totally crazed by Ancient Evil, they cannot see YHWH protecting his people from their evil plans. That even goes for those who have been convinced, coerced, or even forced under duress to take the COVID-19 Vaccine. Our Heavenly Father knows who are His and no "Mark of the Beast" can remove the seal that YHWH has placed on them. He will always give his people a way of escape from the wiles of the enemy.

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